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Hey ladies, if you are interested in any items, do let us know, we will try our best to restock them especially the opaques! We can definitely get the opaques for you.

** If you want to place an order or have any queries, we can be reached at 016-9852223 **

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Heavenly belts

Hey babes. We decided to bring belts this time round. Everyone needs a belt be it high waisted or low ones that hang by the hips. Belts, we can't live without them. They add that magic touch to the outfits worn. This time round, we have vintage, buckled and high waisted ones. Enjoy!

Vintage Belt

Comes in 3 colors
White, Brown and Black
1 in each color




High Waisted in Vintage Glamor

This is a macro shot of the belt. The rhinestones on the belt adds the necessary jazz needed to it. It provides a look of sophistication. An essential if you want to spruce up your outfit, giving it an elegant touch.

Comes in brown
2 pieces in hand

Woven High Waisted

Cute! Simplicity is the best policy. Can be worn anywhere with anything.

Comes in 2 colors
Light brown and dark brown

Light brown

Dark brown

Striped Cardi

Every girl needs a basic cardi to complete her wardrobe. This cardi is simple and sweet. To achieve the-girl-next-door look? Just put this on and you will charm many. ;p
Only 1 for each color
Free Size
*Not restockable*

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The High Waisted Craze

High waisted skirts and pants are the sexiest thing ever invented. Agree? They provide you with the body hour illusion and provide us with the oh-so-slim look. Curvy but yet slim. I am a sucker for high waisted skirt. It's just too cute to resist.

A note to take : The measurements are only taken from one side of the skirt/pants, in this case, it would be the front part. To get the full measurement, kindly multiply by two. My bad for not being clear enough with the measurements.

With that, Happy shopping!

The Tulip Skirt

Comes in 3 colors
and in 2 sizes for each color(S & M)


Waist : 12.4 inches
Hips : 15.2 inches
Length : 19.3 inches


Waist : 13.5 inches
Hips : 16.4 inches
Length : 19.6 inches

Black (S - 3 sold) & M
Red (S-sold) & M
White (S - Sold) & M


The Woolly Skirt

This skirt is a bit more pricey as compared to the lot because the material is really thick and as shown in the name, it is very woolly, extremely comfy. This is something different from the usual high waisted that we can find, no?

Black (Size S & M)
White (Size S & M)


Waist : 13.2 inches
Lower Waist : 16.2 inches
Length : 19.1 inches


Waist : 14.2 inches
Lower Waist : 17.2 inches
Length: 20 inches



High Waisted Shorts

Comes in White only

Size S and M


Waist : 12 inches
Lower Waist : 13.9 inches
Length : 12.5 inches


Waist : 13.2 inches
Lower Waist : 14.5 inches
Length: 12.9 inches


The Yellow Skirt

Look at this! Isn't this lovely? Kinky isn't it? High waisted with a funky touch of yellow. Yum yum.

Only Available in Yellow

Comes in 2 sizes (S & M)


Waist : 14.2 inches
Lower Waist : 15.5 inches
Length : 18.2 inches


Waist : 15 inches
Lower Waist : 16.2 inches
Length: 18.6 inches


They call it ruffles

Hello ladies. It has been quite some time we went MIA right? But no worries, we will be compensating by bringing in many lovely items. For this time round, we have got ruffles top for you beautiful people out there.

Satin ruffles top, adorned with pearl like buttons. Goes perfectly well with high waisted materials, be it skirt or pants. Can be paired with leggings and off you go, looking trendy and hip.

Available in 5 colors

Black, Grey, Red (Sold), White(Sold) and Purple(Sold)